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I wanted nothing more than a nice big Cintiq as the center of my workspace for so long. When I was finally able to make that a reality, I quickly discovered how difficult is was to arrange my desk in just the right way to be able to access my keyboard without extra reaching and pulling and bending.

Guh! I seriously considered gluing a keyboard to the edge of the Wacom surface just to solve the problem. Thankfully I found the CinTweak first, and avoiding irreversibly defacing my tablet.

This simple idea – a custom fit mounted keyboard tray – improved my workstation comfort beyond measure. All of my key commands (which most digital artists depend on) were right there! No reaching at all. Yes, I can program the Wacom’s keys to mimic keyboard commands, but it has limits.

Typing layer/channel names, entering number values, even just saving files now doesn’t involve digging the keyboard out from under the tablet, or from off to the side somewhere. It’s awesome! And the fact the it is custom molded to exactly fit my tablet model is amazing. So well made. And totally secure.

I’ve been using it for over a year, and it’s never once come loose! I have a wireless solar-powered keyboard mounted on it, and the Cintiq mounted on an articulating arm, so I can move it from over the desk to on my lap with ease - and the keyboard travels with it! I can not recommend the CinTweak keyboard tray enough.

Do yourself a favor and get one now. It is exactly what you have been needing. I promise you :)

Ken Fountain
Animator (IMDB) & Animation Instructor /


I love the keyboard tray. When I first got my Cintiq 21UX (along with an Ergotron arm) it wasn't quite the dream setup I hoped it would be, because I couldn't figure out where to put my keyboard for comfortable access. For a while I had it awkwardly taped to the Cintiq, but that wasn't ideal.

The CinTweak tray alleviates all that and I'm now happily hot keying all day long.

Matt Hammill
Game Art/Animation Generalist


The CinTweak has become an essential item for my daily work. It not only has improved my work flow, now I can work for hours without my back hurting.


I'm a 3d character animator and 3d character modeler, I use Pixologic Zbrush and Autodesk Maya and have a Cintiq 24 inch Wacom.

The CinTweak try made a major difference to my work flow and comfort. Because of the size of the screen the Cintiq 24 would be a nightmare to use without the CinTweak tray.

In fact it was very uncomfortable to use, I had reach across to my keyboard at the side of the Cintiq but now everything is within reach and easy access.

After using the CinTweak tray for a couple of months it has made a massive difference to how I work. It felt very natural and didn't take any time for me to get used to it.
You go straight to it within the first day of use.

In my opinion, if you buy a large Wacom Cintiq you need CinTweak tray to operate comfortably, easily and at speed. It makes Zbrush very easy to operate.

Lee Murray
Director, Lee Murray Animation, LTD.
Lee Murray Animation Ltd


I'd been hunting high and low for a solution for fix my keyboard woes with my Cintiq and was incredibly pleased with myself when I stumbled upon the GizmoTweak. Surprisingly, it appears to be the only one on the market.

Delivery was super quick to the UK - it's a simple, well crafted solution and it has made working in Zbrush (and my tiny studio) a much more fluid experience.

Ben Thomas
Image Maker & Generalist


I have been using Wacom tablets since 1997 and I use them for everything - even in the place of a mouse! Several years ago, I purchased a Cintiq 21UX. I loved it, but no matter what I tried, I just couldn't get used to not having a keyboard easily accessible.

I would have to put the keyboard in an awkward position, such as off to the side of my Cintiq and then swivel in my chair to use it. After a few weeks of struggling with the set-up, I gave up and sold it. In it's place, I purchased the smaller 12WX. It was small enough that I found a way to rig it so I could use a keyboard above the monitor. I was okay with that set-up for a few years, but I really wanted a larger monitor - it was difficult to be productive on such a small screen. A couple of times a year, I would check the Wacom website to see if they had created a solution for the keyboard problem.

Wacom hadn't, but CinTweak had. I was thrilled! After I ordered the CinTweak, I purchased the 22HD and now my workstation is absolutely ideal.

It's crazy how much an inexpensive solution like the CinTweak can make all the difference in work flow. I can't thank this company enough for developing this product!

Laura Worthington
Typeface and Lettering Designer








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